Northants IVC Social Club
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Your Social Life

Northants IVC is a friendly, informal club offering a wide variety of social, cultural & sporting activities.
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  Meals, walks, pub nights, theatre, weekends away and much more.

The club is run by members for members keeping costs low and events friendly and informal.
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Northants IVC is one of 45 IVC Clubs around the UK with over 5,000 Members. All members are welcome to attend events in other areas more...
Frequently Asked Questions
about Northants IVC:
1.  What is Northants IVC?
2.  How long has it been going?
3.  Who joins?
4.  What area do you cover?
5.  How Much does it cost?
6.  What do I get for my money?
7.  What do I have to do as a member?
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